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What is the cooling substance in the cooling wipes?
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What is the cooling substance in the cooling wipes?


What is the cooling substance in the cooling wipes?

Cool wipes are useful in summer, great for cleansing after a sweat if you regularly take sports or yoga classes, cool wipes can quickly remove sweat and dirt from your face, protect pores and ensure clean skin.

There is an interesting phenomenon that the Japanese are highly sensitive to body odors. Among many wet wipes products, they prefer body wipes that can be carried around. Gently wiping it can not only sweep away the embarrassment., and the body can also be fragrant.

Do you know where that cool feeling comes from? Is it safe for our human body?


1. Alcohol (ethanol)

The volatilization of alcohol can help you take away the heat on the skin surface, reduce the temperature of the body surface, and make the user feel cold.

We have found that Japanese people especially like the feeling of cooling, so the cooling wipes in their market usually have alcohol added (as the manufacturer, we generally recommend adding 5%-10% to the cooling wipes) , Because long-term use will make the skin feel dry, so you need to remember to hydrate at the same time.


2. Menthol 

Also known as menthol, it is a volatile substance in mint. It stimulates a protein on the nerve cells of our body - "TRPM8". This protein is a sensor for "cold". When stimulated by menthol, it is like a locked door being opened, and it will send a signal to the brain. At this time, after our brain receives the signal, it will make our body feel "cold"!!

In fact, menthol does not reduce our body temperature, but by stimulating the protein TPRM8, the human body will feel cold, so to put it simply... In fact, the substance menthol has accidentally "tricked" our brains, Let's feel cool~

Menthol is a natural ingredient collected by distilling with water, extracting peppermint oil from the stems and leaves of peppermint, and then continuing to distill the peppermint oil.

Menthol has a cooling and fragrant effect, and is used in many daily necessities (such as toothpaste, shampoo), as well as many products and foods containing mint (such as chewing gum) , and it also has pharmacological effects , such as itching, pain relief, bacteriostatic or nervous system functions.


3. Safety concerns?

There is no doubt and no need to worry at all,the proper amount of use will not harm the body, which is why the cooling wet wipes are so popular~