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What are wet wipes for
Wet wipes

What are wet wipes for


What are wet wipes for?
"Wipe your baby's ass"
The stinking  of the newborn baby will never stop. If you wash it with clean water every time, don’t worry, if you put on and take off clothes so frequently, especially in winter, it will not be worth the harm if you accidentally let your baby catch a cold. Therefore, the biggest use of wet wipes is to clean the baby's little buttocks. Because wet wipes contain moisture and emollient ingredients, they clean up more thoroughly than toilet paper, and have a moisturizing effect. Of course, they are the most popular among mothers.
"When you go out, clean your baby's little dirty hands"
There are many inconveniences when going out, such as the baby's stink, the small hands are dirty, and there is no water to wash when eating... All of them can be solved with wet wipes, which is very practical and convenient. Especially in winter, while cleaning the baby, it also has a moisturizing effect to prevent the little hands from cracking, so when going out, wet tissue is always a must-have item in the mother's bag.
"Wipe your baby's nose"
The baby has a cold, and the snot keeps running down. I often wipe it with a tissue, and the little nose is dry and red. The mother is very heartache, so I think of this method. Wipe your baby's nose with a wet tissue. Occasionally, it's ok, and it can only be used when it is confirmed that the baby's skin has no adverse reactions. It is not suitable for long-term use. You can use a special baby's mouth and hand wipes. Under normal circumstances, it is best to use a small cotton towel to wipe the baby with a runny nose.
"You can also wipe your baby's mouth"
This is also no way. Many mothers asked, "Can wet tissue wipe the baby's mouth?" The advice of nursing experts is that it is best not to use wet tissue to wipe the baby's mouth, because the skin on the face is still different from the skin on the buttocks, and the adaptability is also different. different. However, if you really can't do it, you can use it once in a while.
"Wipe baby's toys"
better not. Baby's toys are usually imported. Wet wipes contain various formula ingredients and are not suitable for babies to eat. Therefore, if you want to clean toys, you should wash them with water and dry them in the sun.
Dry cleaning for baby
This idea is a bit too much. No matter how good the wet tissue is, it is not omnipotent. Besides, it is developed for a certain purpose. Take a bath, of course, you must wash with water. If it is inconvenient to take a bath every day in cold weather, you can wash it once every 2 days. At intervals, you must wash your baby's face, hands, feet, and buttocks with water. Don't be lazy in this regard.
Mom's Answer - To Yourself
Things for babies are always the best, but such good things can not only be used by babies, but also by us.
Cleaning mobile phones, toilet seats, etc.
There is often dust on the mobile phone, not to mention the toilet seat, there are often some indecent stains, and it is not easy to find a product that can have a cleaning effect and is convenient. Fortunately, a smart mother has developed a new use for paper towels, which is thrown away after cleaning, and the antibacterial components of wet wipes are the most suitable for dealing with stains on the toilet.
car maintenance
The steering wheel of the car is a place that is often held by hand, and it is easy to stick to sweat and dust. It is not a problem to wipe it with a wet tissue. You can also wipe the rear view mirror and gear handle of the car by the way, and even take care of the corners in the car that are not easy to wipe, it is indeed a good helper.
makeup remover
Although I don't wear makeup every day, there will be a lot of dust on the skin after a day. If you don't believe me, just wipe it with baby wipes. There is a saying that daily undressing should be a compulsory course for women, and it is necessary to "remove" makeup without makeup. Removing makeup with a wet paper towel can cleanse and moisturize the skin by the way, and then wash it with a cleanser, and mother's skin is completely clean.
shoe shine
Is it inconvenient to wear shoe cloth and shoe polish on your body every day? The problem of bringing a pack of wet tissues in your bag is solved. When your feet are dusty, rainy and muddy, or during a temporary appointment, a wet paper towel can make your feet shine immediately.
"wash your face" for the bag
Although wet paper towels are not suitable for baby's face wash, but it is more suitable for bags, especially those non-leather bags. Frequent cleaning after being dirty will affect the life and shape of the bag, so it is very good to wipe with wet paper towels. way. Of course, it should be noted that it is more appropriate to use professional cleaning products for leather bags.
Cleaning computer and TV screens
Due to static electricity, computer and TV screens often attract a lot of dust, and it seems like a good idea to wipe them with a wet paper towel. The display surfaces of these appliances are made of special materials, and special cleaning wipes should be used to ensure their service life.