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Frequently Asked Questions about Wet Wipes
Wet wipes

Frequently Asked Questions about Wet Wipes


Q1: Now many wet wipes are specially marked as "non-alcoholic". What effect does alcohol have on wet wipes and how to identify it?


Answer: First of all, when mothers choose baby wipes, they must choose "alcohol-free" ones. The main function of alcohol in wet wipes is to sterilize, but alcohol is volatile. After wiping, it is easy to lose moisture on the skin surface, feel tight and dry, and cause skin discomfort, so it is not suitable for babies.


The easiest way to identify whether there is alcohol in wet wipes is to smell the smell. The smell of alcohol is relatively strong, and even a very low content can be smelled. Another way is to wipe the wet tissue on the arm, because the alcohol is very volatile, and the volatilization will take away the heat, so the arm will have a cool feeling.


Q2: Is there any way to find out whether the wet tissue contains fluorescent agent?


Answer: Fluorescent agents should not appear in wet wipes. If the wet wipes contain fluorescent agent, it should be added during the processing of the non-woven fabric. This is also an ingredient that is not good for the baby's skin. Generally, good brands will not use it. This is the same as ordinary household paper.


The fluorescent agent cannot be seen with the naked eye. The identification method can be to irradiate the wet paper towel under the ultraviolet light similar to the money detector. If you see bright fluorescence on the surface of the paper towel, it means that it contains fluorescent agent, otherwise it does not.


Q3: Is it better to add more ingredients?


Answer: Not necessarily. The less ingredients added under the same function, the better, and the more natural the better.


Q4: Is it better to have an aromatic smell?


Answer: Both spices and alcohol are considered to be easily irritating ingredients, so the aromatic odor should also be selected according to consumers' preferences, but the added spices increase the risk of skin allergy, so for baby products, it should be natural and pure as well. Therefore, many brands of wet wipes are clearly marked "no alcohol and fragrance added".


Q5: Why does the wet paper towel dry out after opening the lid and not using it for a long time?


Answer: The main component of wet wipes is water. If it is exposed to the air for a long time, the water will evaporate, and the wet wipes will become dry wipes. Therefore, the wet wipes must be sealed in time after use, and the opened wipes should be used up as soon as possible to prevent the moisture from volatilizing and losing its effect.


Q6: What should I do if my baby accidentally bites a wet tissue into his mouth as a bib?


Answer: Although this is not a big problem, the mother should stop it and keep the wet tissue out of the baby's reach. You can use a soft tissue or a clean towel to wipe the baby's mouth. Wet tissue can touch the skin, but try to avoid important places such as the mouth and eyes. In addition, many babies like the feeling that the wet paper towels are pulled out one by one. Not to mention the waste, it also accelerates the evaporation of water, making the paper towels unable to be used normally.


Q7: It seems that it is not suitable to use wet wipes in winter, because the wet wipes are too cold and irritate the baby's skin. Is there a way to do both?


Answer: It is true that in winter, the indoor and outdoor temperatures are relatively low, and the wet tissue is also very cold. The baby does not like it, but it is much more convenient than washing with water. Before each use, the mother can take out a sheet and cover it with her hands, or put the tissue next to the heating device (remember to close the lid tightly), which can increase the temperature of the tissue and make the baby feel more comfortable.