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be clean and beauty - how to choose facial cotton tissue
Wet wipes

be clean and beauty - how to choose facial cotton tissue



When the beauty-loving mothers use wet wipes for babies, do they also choose facial tissues for themselves? It is a good substitute for towels, and more hygienic and portable,you must have it in your cosmetic bag.

Several essential factors that need to be paid attention to when choosing.

1, Material

High-quality facial tissues are made of pure cotton, with white texture, soft hand feeling and strong water absorption.

The upper face feels softer, more skin-friendly, It is not easy to fluff during use.

2, texture

The texture is divided into: plain, net design and pearl pattern.

The plain weave is the thinnest, but no lines on the surface, it is more delicate and smooth;

The reticulated will be thicker. is not as smooth as the plain weave. It increases the friction with the skin surface when you wipe your face. In addition to the effect of wiping your face, you can also use your face to remove makeup;

The pearl texture is the thickest one. It not only increases the friction with the skin surface, but is also soft enough and has stronger water absorption.

3, packaging

It’s divided into three types: with lid, roll-up and paper-drawing type

Generally, it is enough to ensure good sealing.

Zfwipes  facial tissues

Not only wash your face, but also easy to remove makeup. Both sides are designed with three-dimensional pearl patterns, made of high-quality cotton, which is absorbent and soft.

After wiping your face, don’t throw it away in a hurry. It can be applying in  cleaning shoes, table... it has a wide range of uses.

Finally, remember that the face towel should not be dried and used again, which will affect the healthy.